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Yoga and Massage

Learn to massage your baby

Baby massage is recommended for both parents or any caretaker after the baby's birth. Its purpose is to promote communication through healthy touch and a way for the baby to develop its own potential in a caring and loving atmosphere.

For Parents and Caretakers

For Baby (between 10 days and 9 months old)

What to have at hand?

When not to massage?

Aromatherapy Massage

Massage is a powerful tool for health, rejuvenation and vitality. It is a very effective antidote to stress and helps relax the mind and body, providing time and space for yourself. The physical benefits of massage include increased circulation, muscle tone, strengthened immune system and a calmed nervous system, re-establishing balance and harmony to your whole being.

Aromatherapy incorporates the use of therapeutic essential oils, which are extracted from plants, flowers, trees and herbs, and are personally blended to suit the client's need, thus deepening the effects of the massage.

Pascale will intuitively combine techniques, using deep tissue, rebalancing, pressure points, tractions, cranio-sacral techniques and more, to listen and respond to the client's needs.

For pregnancy and after the birth

During pregnancy, this massage will help your body-mind emotions adapt to the changes during this demanding time of your life. Thus, you will cope better with the common physical pains and aches, and the psychological process involved in becoming a parent.

Special treatments for transverse and breech babies; priority treatment for staled labour and broken water; induction treatment.

After the birth of your child, this massage will activate your body's self-healing capacity and support you in the caring of your new born child.

TOUCH PRO Chair Massage

Chair Massage has been developed since 1986 by a physiotherapist, David Palmer, in the USA, in order to facilitate receiving massage in the work place rather than having to come to the therapist practice. Because it is done on seated clients over their clothing, this massage is based on a traditional Japanese acupressure sequence which in 15 minutes includes the neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and scalp.

Chair Massage is specially designed to enhance circulation, making you feel vibrant and refreshed. A regular Chair Massage (twice a month) is an effective way to prevent or ease stress related symptoms such as headache, insomnia, digestive problems and RSI. Research proofs that this massage lessens absenteeism by increasing your productivity, your capacity to concentrate, your creativity and contributes to a positive atmosphere.

Massage at the workplace

Deep Tissue Massage

Unlike classic massage therapy, which is used for relaxation, deep tissue massage is a technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It is a slow and firm massage which aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure on the contracted area, either following or going across the fibers of the muscles. The therapist may use fingertips, hands, elbows and forearms during the massage. You may be asked to breath deeply to facilitate the release of deeper tensions. The purpose is to "unstuck" the fiber of a muscle while releasing deeply held patterns , removing toxins, while relaxing and soothing the muscle .The potential goals of a deep tissue massage are pain alleviation, better posture, more flexibility and a deep sense of relaxation and well being. It is performed with the client lying on a table and covered with a towel. Small quantity of oil is use for this type of massage. A private room in your company is preferable.

Also possible to book for special events or parties. Depending on the size of your company, more than one therapist can be arranged. There is a minimum of two hours booked for a longer term arrangement but you can always book for one hour to try without further commitments, and thus experience what chair massage feels like.

Kripalu Yoga

"Kripalu Yoga is less about standing on your head and more about standing on your own two feet." - Yogi Amrit Desai (founder of Kripalu Yoga)

Kripalu Yoga is a combination of Hatha Yoga (physical form) and Raja Yoga (mental form).

A typical Kripalu yoga class will focus on:

The experience will give you a feeling of deep relaxation in your body and mind

Prenatal preparation with Yoga for pregnancy -

An ACTIVE BIRTH describes a woman's natural response to labour and birth when she allows instinct and intuition to guide her, thus enabling her to become more aware of the physiological needs of her own body.

Through regular practice, a woman prepares herself for labour and birth, learning to surrender herself to the experience, and ultimately allowing the process of birth to unfold naturally, with confidence and trust.

This approach places emphasis on practicing yoga throughout pregnancy. Yoga brings mind and body into union through the awareness of breath and the practice of gentle movements. It encourages emotional and physical release, which serves as a great aid in calming restlessness and anxiety. Physically, the benefits are numerous. Relief from the normal aches and tensions of pregnancy is gained through learning massage, gentle stretching, breathing, and support from partners and props.

This preparation encourages fathers to participate in the experience of pregnancy, birth, and parenting thereby enhancing the commitment of both parents to the responsibilities of mutual support and parenting.

Whether at home or in the hospital, yoga for pregnancy enables a woman to tap into the wisdom of her own body in order to give birth safely and confidently.

Yoga for Labour & Birth

This preparation in English offers yoga classes to build strength and confidence in your ability to give birth to your baby. It will help a woman adapt to the changes of her body in pregnancy and allow the process of birth, whether at home or in the hospital, to unfold naturally, with confidence and trust.

The regular practice of breathing exercises, gentle movements and yoga postures (practiced to your own level of capacity), will encourage emotional and physical release. You will learn to help yourself with common aches and tensions in pregnancy and calm restlessness and anxiety.

The partner classes will help your birth partner learn practical tools and comfort measures to support the mother during the birth. It will help the mother take responsibility for her needs during the process.

This course is a group process that will provide you with upport as you learn and share with other parents.

Themes of the classes:


Private partner lesson for the birth process

To deepen your experience of working together with your partner, or if flexibility and time are a constraint, a session in the privacy of your home is recommended. This lesson introduces both partners to the stages of labour. You will learn how to:

Prenatal personal programme

When personal circumstances limit your time, flexibility or capacity, individual attention is the most efficient way to address your personal needs.

With the Prenatal Yoga Programme you will learn according to your own capacity:

Postnatal private Yoga programme

After childbirth, it is important to develop strength and good muscle tone to support the caring and nursing of your baby. If the birth has been difficult, you need to allow the natural healing process to happen before you start exercising.

A private yoga programme, carefully chosen and arranged to stretch and strengthen your body safely will help you adapt to the demands of your new role as a mother. The private programme involves the following: